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Since 2014, Hot Games has taken great pride in being the leader in presenting free online games, entertaining quizzes, and fabulous photo effects for over 300 million users worldwide every month. Thanks to all our freelancers who have been delivering wow and joy to people every day. Join us on our wonderful Content Operating System (a.k.a. COS) to deliver your talents!

Become A Writter

Be good at writing quiz/story/article

Native speaker of the target language

Be fluent in English

Be reliable in quality & punctual on delivery

Be available for at least 3 months

$3 to $8 per quiz

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Become A Designer

Be skilled at image editing

Be interested in making online photo frames and thumbnails

Be reliable in quality & punctual on delivery

Be available for at least 3 months

$3 per photo frame / $1 per quiz cover

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Become A Translator

Native speaker of the source text

Be fluent in English

Be reliable in quality & punctual on delivery

Be available for at least 3 months

$1.5 to $2 per 100 words

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What you can get?

  • Weekly stable tasks with a good income.
  • Excellent performance rewards.
  • Referral bonus and ongoing income share.
  • No extra payment processing fees.
  • Official courses helping enhance skills.
  • Data Dashboard guiding your improvement.
  • Chance to be a moderator of the team.

How do you join us?

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Click Apply Now if you think you are the one we are searching for! There might be various job positions under each role conducted in different languages.

Awaiting Review

Email notification will be sent within 5 work days with the results.

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You'll be notified by mail to complete a piece of trial work if you seem like a good fit.

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The offer will be sent once we approve your trial work.

Complete Training

Virtual training would be conducted. FAQ and Knowledge Base is open for you all the time.

Start Work

Official and stable tasks will be assigned on a weekly basis.

Don't be upset if you don't get the chance this time. We will open more vacancies and loop you in by email notification. If you need help in order to apply, reach out to us at [email protected]

Stories of success

Patrícia Oliveira


I’ve been working with quizzes for almost a year now. I have a blast writing it, we write for different people with different tastes, so the creation process is great! The team is awesome, patient and always willing to help - and the return ($) has been a lifesaver.

Manuela Cabrera Cruz


After working in the creation of quizzes for some time, I was honored to be offered the “Moderator” position. It’s been an incredible journey of growth, both personally and as a group. The writers are all talented individuals who have been key in this process: their proactivity and willingness to learn have made this a smooth and enriching experience. That being said, we all learn from each other every day; something that most writing and translation jobs don’t usually offer. Overall, I have gained valuable insight into the writing world - more than I could've originally imagined.

Cervando Jimenez


Writing quizzes for this page gave me the opportunity to use my knowledge about popular culture like anime, movies and video games in a funny way to entertain others with similar tastes and getting a good payment in return! Both admin and writers are very efficient, attentive and we're always trying to offer the best of us.

Aamir Rasheed


My journey for this organization is like a miracle to me. I was honored to receive such a job offer of a writer, and after some months the management offered me a "Moderator" job. I have a strong belief that "Hard work does pay". Furthermore, I am enjoying my time with this organization. I am exploring and enhancing my creative skills and ideas to put them in words for the audience. My professional and personal growth as a human has increased because I interact with different people from different parts of the world.